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19 - Cycle of death

Scott admits to mild kleptomania, Steve reveals his technological optimism and we debate whether men or women have it easier in our culture as we dive into the book of questions fo...

18 - Stuck in time

Scott thinks passenger pigeons deserved to go extinct, Steve fails his reading homework, and we discuss new insights about the pre-european Americas in a third book club episode re...

17 - Reserving nature

Steve and Scott recount their recent backpacking trips to Glacier and the North Cascades respectively as we discuss gear, food and best practices while out in the back country.

16 - Always pay in full

Steve hoards gold, Scott has a home improvement card, and we debate money market vs high-interest savings accounts as we break down our personal finances, strategies for saving mon...

We ambitiously set out to discuss the future of transportation and immediately get sidetracked talking about electric scooters and the pros and cons of targeted monopolies.

14 - Known for its pie

We get distracted discussing human self-domestication, pie in Montana and the me too movement while trying to debate the biological and social roots of masculinity and its evolutio...

13 - Not that damn dragon

After debating topics we go meta with a podcast talking about podcasting. Scott nerds out about marketing, Steve is dubious about who our potential audience is, and we stay true to...

Scott admits to doing as little work as possible, Steve butchers an analogy on existential risk and we both fail at game theory as we re-open the book of questions for round 2.

11 - Bizarrenut

We discuss campus speech codes, overparenting and the rise of screens as we review the book The Coddling of the American Mind by Greg Lukianoff and Jonathan Haidt

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