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29 - Rabbit hole

Scott tries to figure out how to travel in the time of covid, Steve starts cutting his own hair, and we go down a rabbit hole discussing alternative media, traditional journalism, ...

28 - Trying times

Steve wants to splurge on a paramotor, Scott has way too much fun with a random number generator, and we discuss surveillance of government officials, parental age caps and instant...

27 - Slightly off

Steve does a virtual show and tell, Scott relives his teenage gaming days and we discuss the culture of silicon valley in a review of the book The Uncanny Valley by Anna Wiener.

26 - Totally irrelevant

We discuss the ongoing corona virus epidemic in a bumbling, rant-filled episode with tips for remote work and exercise routines, debates on the long term economic impact and an ass...

25 - Tilted salad

Steve rails against campus administrators, we discuss salary determinations, and we debate the pros and cons of universal basic income and whether or not it could be implemented in...

24 - Flip my meat

Scott buys a new computer, Steve thinks the marine fitness test is a joke, and we discuss the role of automobiles in the US and the future of self-driving vehicles in an episode al...

23 - For your torso

Scott gets a new car, Steve buys a fancy gift, and we give unqualified fashion advice as we debate the merits of mismatched socks and crop-tops.

22 - Get that donut

We discuss our diets, cooking habits, and all things food as Steve admits to never following recipes, Scott talks about his elimination diet, and we debate lab grown meat and the e...

Steve fails to steal a cat, Scott expresses his disgust for Keurigs, and we discuss urinals, shredded paintings, and what makes something a piece of art.

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